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Fortnite: The rise and fall of Muselk

Elliott Watkins, better known as Muselk, was one of Fortnite’s most popular content creators. His YouTube channel has grown massively as he made certain game-specific content. His channel is currently the 10th biggest in Australia.

Unfortunately, the content creator is no longer as popular as before. His views have dropped drastically. It seems as though he is unsure of how to regain past glory.

This article dives into Muselk’s career as a content creation career, his rise to fame, and his subsequent downfall.

Muselk used to be one of the most skilled Team Fortress 2 players:
The game offers its players ample opportunity to create fresh content within the game. Muselk took advantage of the scope, started making videos, and shared them on Reddit.

After initial interest in his content, the 27-year-old decided to switch to YouTube and access a wider audience. His videos were engaging and instantly got him thousands of subscribers. His gaming skills were a prominent factor in establishing credibility. However, his career as a content creator leaped when he decided to create Overwatch videos in 2016.

Team Fortress 2 players were displeased, branding him a traitor. Fortunately, many of his fans remained loyal and followed him to Overwatch. This was a perfect move as Muselk retained a big part of his fanbase while also diversifying to a different game.

The once-popular YouTuber made another big move in 2017 when he started playing Fortnite. As his career took off, he began getting millions of views on every video. Muselk has also gained millions of new subscribers and has 9.32 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel.

The content creator was so popular that Epic Games added a reference to his video in Fortnite in July 2018. This took place in Chapter 1 Season 5 and was a peak moment for the gamer.



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